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A 20 fl oz bottle of Brand A's orange juice costs $1.20. Brand B shows it's orange orange juice prices below.
|Price| $2.00 | $2.88 | $4.00
|Fl oz|    25   |    36  |    50
What is the unit price for each brand  of orange juice? Which brand is the better deal?

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Hi Elizabeth;
A...(20 oz)/($1.20)=(17 oz)/($1.00)
B...(25 oz)/($2.00)=(12.5 oz)/($1.00)
B...(36 oz)/($2.88)=(12.5 oz)/($1.00)
B...(50 oz)/($4.00)=(12.5 oz)/($1.00)
Brand A offers the most ounces-per-dollar.
Brand A is the better deal.
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The per unit cost  per ounce is as follows:
A. $1.20/20 oz  =  $0.06/oz.
B. $2.00/25 oz  =  $0.08/oz.
B2 $2.88/36 oz =  $0.08/oz.
B3 $4.00/50 oz. = $0.08/oz.
Brand A has a cost of 6 cent per ounce while Brand B cost 8 cents per ounce. The difference is 2 cents per ounce less for Brand A.