Patrick C.

asked • 01/20/17

In a survey of the dining preferences of 110 dormitory students at the end of the spring semester?

the following facts were discovered about Adam's Lunch (AL), Pizza Tower (PT), and the Dining Hall (DH).

25 liked AL but not PT
15 liked AL only
58 liked AL
63 liked PT
27 liked DH
25 liked PT and AL but not DH
17 liked PT and DH

(a) How many liked PT or DH?

I got 88...but it's wrong

(b) How many liked all three?

I got 8...

(c) How many liked only DH?

I got 22...but it's wrong

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Andrew M. answered • 01/20/17

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David W. answered • 01/20/17

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Andrew M.

If you solve for your [eq5], you get g=0.
The 22 must be the complement of (AL∪PT∪DH).


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