Isaiah S.

asked • 01/19/17

cylindrical 12m and a height of 60m is filled to a height of h.the volume v of water is given by the function (h)=144.solve the domain,ind,dep of the function.

Their are 2 answers. 
A. The independent variable is V; the dependent variable is h. The domain is D=?
B. The Independent variable Is h; The dependent variable is V. The domain is D=?
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Kenneth S.

you mean THERE are 2 questions (a & b) 


Kenneth S.

"the volume v of water is given by the function (h)=144"  
This looks wrong; V is given by the formula for a cylinder, namely V = pi (radius2)(height)
just exactly what is the radius (or diameter) of this cylinder?  "cylindrical 12 m" is unclear.
All in all, this is poorly written and it should be fixed.


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