Courtney T.

asked • 12/11/12

Can anyone help me with these percentage of change/precentage problems?

Roberto farms a tract of land that typically yields 69.6 kilograms of peas. A
fertilizer manufacturer claims that its fertilizer will produce a 60% increase
in the yield. What total amount of pears should Roberto expect from this tract
of land if he applies the fertilizer?

3. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge has
a main span of 4,260 feet. The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge has a main span that is
approximately 153% of the main span of the main span of the Verraazano-Narrows
Bridge. What is the length of the main span of the Akashi Kaikyo? Round your
answer to the nearest foot.

4. Thomas has been offered two jobs. The
first job pays $880.00 per week. The second job pays $790.00 per week plus 12%
commission on his sales. How much will he have to sell in order for the second
job to pay as much as the first job?

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Rachel C. answered • 12/11/12

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Math and chemistry tutor

Jonna M.

so rachel c what is the answer ?


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