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a family uses 12.5lb of paper in a week and recycles about 3/4 of its waste. how many pounds of paper does the family recycle?

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2 Answers

When solving a problem like this, start by having two of the same types of numbers to work with (either both in fractions or both in decimals).

Let's make 3/4 into 0.75
Then multiply 12.5 and 0.75  = 9.375 lbs of waste.


Thank you so much! Putting everything in one conversion is so much easier.  That cleared things up a whole lot!
Hi Sarah;
(12.5 pounds)(3/4)
Let's note that 12.5=12 1/2
12 1/2=25/2
[25/2 (pounds)](3/4)
Let's multiply the numerators...(25)(3)=75
Let's multiply the denominators...(2)(4)=8
75/8 pounds
9 3/8 pounds
Do you need help understanding how I converted 12 1/2 into 25/2?
Do you need help understanding how I converted 75/8 into 9 3/8?
Please let me know.


I understand how you got your answer. Making it into an improper fraction and multiply the numerators and the denominators. I cant believe how this word problem beat me up! Thank you so much for showing your work and breaking it down for me. I am truly thankful.