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College Algebra- Word Problem

Getting lost on this word problem ?
If 100 ml of anesthesia is injected into the local tissue at the time of the procedure (t = 0),
 And the amount of anesthesia still in the tissue "t" hours after the injection is given by A = 100e–0.5t,
 How much is in the tissue 7 hours later?
Round to two decimal places THANK YOU :-)
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1 Answer

You may be getting lost because you may not understand the function itself the way you wrote it. It seems the correct function should be A = 100(e-0.5t). Check that is the correct function in your book/notes.
When you substitute t=0 into that function you get A=100 which is the initial amount of anesthesia in the tissue.
If you want to find the amount of anesthesia 7 hours later just substitute t=7 into that function to get the solution to the problem (you have to round it to two decimal places. You need to know the rounding rules).