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I had a equation: 1,1,3,5,7, (blank) 199, 216. I can't find the correct answer?

I was on an equation where I had to choose the correct answer. It is important because it was a test, that if I have to do again, I'ld like to get correct answer. I am not sure if it was 199 and 216 for the final two numbers. I remembered it was subtracted it was 17 for the difference between the numbers. The multiple choice had four answers to choose from. The first was too small to fit,the second was was 45 then the third was 46, the last was 99. This was an IQ test and I choose either 45 or 46, I think because I felt 99 was too close to 199 to be correct. I scored high on the test. My score was 125. I wanted to know this answer to see if the guess that I made was just that. If I guessed, could it have just been that, to choose the closest possible choice, would be the equivalent of an educated guess. All the other sequence problems were much easier, and basically made sense. I don't want to take credit for this answer if there was a possibility that there was a more correct answer to give other than a educated guess. My score may be effected by the answer that is correct. I could get 10 less so to be at 115, if the answer was not correct. I can't go back into the test to see exactly which answer was correct. It doesn't have to be the exact answer, if the last two were not sufficient to produce a answer. I just then need to know what kind of equation would answer this problem?

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