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Julie is a math tutor in the academic center. She charges $210 for the first 7 hours of tutoring and $20 for each additional hour of tutoring. If she earned $410 tutoring 1 student, how many total hours did she spent tutoring the student?

Which of these equations represents this problem?

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Since we know that she made over $210, she was there for at least 7 hours.
Total:  $410 Earned
Subtract:  $210 For the first 7 hours
=  $200 remaining
At $20/hr for the remaining time..
$200 / $20/hr = 10 additional hours
Total Time:  7+ 10 hours = 17 hours
To put this into an equation, it we are looking for H hours, with a final rate "r"
H = 7 + 200/r
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Hi Alyssa,
I can't see the equations, but I bet one of them looks something like this:
H = 7hr + ($410-$210)/($20/hr) = 17 Hours