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how much would i get paid a day to get 95 dollars a week

I really need help on this cuz my life is in danger

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Beverly D. | Elementary through Middle School SubjectsElementary through Middle School Subject...
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If you want your net pay or take home pay, you will need to earn about $30.00 a day. 
You lose about a 1/3rd of your gross pay, to taxes.  So what ever you earn you need to subtract about 1/3rd, to get your approx. take home pay.
$150. - 1/3 or $50=$100 net pay.
If you were just dealing with gross pay, the above answer would be correct.
William S. | Experienced scientist, mathematician and instructor - WilliamExperienced scientist, mathematician and...
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Typically a "work week" is 5 days, so you would be paid $19 per day.