Diana L.

asked • 12/03/12

What are all numerical solutions to the equation 2cos^2(ln(3x))+cos(ln(3x))-1=0

Please help solve for hw

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Daniel O.

I'd prefer to have the answer as e^(pi/3)/3 and e^(pi)/3, but otherwise good answer. Diana - you can get that from either using exponent rules on the last step, (ab-c = a/ ac) or using eln(3x) = 3x a few steps earlier. 



Robert J.

If you don't split ln(3x) = ln3 + lnx, you can get answer quicker.

ln(3x) = pi/3

3x = epi/3

x = (1/3)epi/3



Ali M. answered • 12/05/12

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Robert J. answered • 12/03/12

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