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What's an interesting fact that I probably will not know?

I'm a 14 year old girl and I love learning interesting things. Can you tell me something I probably dont know that I can tell my friends and family?

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Hello, Kaitlyn,
I'd be happy to share with you an interesting story.  The text below comes from a website
So, Kaitlyn, there you have it.  My hero, Robert E. Lee made it possible for an Episcopal congregation to come together as Christian brothers and sisters.  I have never been prouder of Mars Robert as I was when I first heard this story.
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Hi Kaitlyn;
Both Tom and William gave interesting answers.  However, in college, one of my professors was Dr. Joan Mencher.  She can easily compete with anybody at anytime, even long after I took her class, WOMEN AND MEN, AN ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE.  (I almost did not take it.  But it was the only cultural anthropology course which fit into my schedule and satisfied such requirement for a major in this field of study.  I dreaded my first day of class.)
This was the fact which took everybody by surprise...
There are many stone-age cultures all over the world in which women are hunters, side-by-side with men.  Although you may not choose to believe it, you have to understand that in our Western society, hunting is a sport.  In these societies, hunting is dinner.
The best example I can immediately provide is the people named the Agta of the Philippines.  The women hunt small game, such as wild boars, with men.
There are also many stone-age cultures all over the world in which women and men have equal participation in leadership.  The Agta is an excellent example, as are the !Kung of the Kalahari of Africa.  In this latter society, men exclusively hunt and women gather.  The division-of-labor between genders does not influence status.
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Awesome story William S.  That story epitomizes irony since Lee was fighting for the South to continue Black slavery.  That's orders of magnitude more interesting than what I have to offer...which is why I thumbed you up ;-)
I only offer a simple math problem.  Nevertheless, you can pose this problem to anyone and they won't be able to answer it for quite a long time (if ever).  Here is the question that you should pose
1)What 4 numbers can be used to form the numbers [1-40] by simple addition and subtraction.
2)The four numbers can be used individually, partially, or the entire set collectively
3)Each number may ONLY BE USED ONCE!!
The best way to pose the question is by example.  Lets choose the four numbers [6,8,9,10]
1  = 9-8
2  = 10-8
3  = 9-6
4  = 10-6
5  = 10-6 + 9-8
6  = 6   (each number can be used alone)
7  = 10+6-9
8  = 8
9  = 9
10 = 10
11 = 10+9-8
Hint: This set is NOT the correct answer ;-)
William S. is also challenged since he is an excellent tutor!!


Thanks for the compliment, Tom.  I'm sure that General Lee must have been very conflicted during the war.  Was he fighting for Virginia, or was he fighting for the perpetuation of slavery?  Everything I know about the man suggests the former.  And, when the situation demanded it, he did the right thing.  Christianity is much more important than politics.
Hi William;
Impressive story.  When the situation demanded, this military official adhered to the Christian ethic and embraced this former slave as a brother.  General Lee did not send a subliminal message of acceptance, but rather an authentic one of truthfully bearing witness to the fact that we are all siblings with or without our different colored skins.