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If you don't know what you are good at but you want to go to college what should I do?

I am having trouble finding what I am good at and what I should do for college

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Maybe L. | Maybe's Tutoring PageMaybe's Tutoring Page
College is all about self exploration.  Even if you have no idea what you want to major in college, most colleges don't require that you decide until your second or third year.  For now, pay attention to what you LIKE doing in class and out of class, also pay attention to what skills are necessary in the subjects that most interest you.  Do they require visual, logical, verbal, interpersonal skills? 
Everyone is good at something, you just have to find what that something is and find a major/profession that will highlight those abilities! 
If you want you can take a look at Gardner's Theory of Intelligence:
You might also want to take the Jung and Briggs personality test to find out what combination or personality you have, in order to understand yourself better and determine how you can use your abilities to pursue a certain major in college
Monalisa P. | Maths & Physics TutorMaths & Physics Tutor
Try looking at the available options around. Speak to friends and other people and gather information that will help you to make a decision. sometimes through discussions you might get a clue of what you are
actually interested in.