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How long is each piece?

If a 25 inch rope is cut into three pieces such that the middle sized piece is 1 inch longer thatn the short piece and the longest piece is twice as long as the short piece.

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1 Answer

Let's see if we can figure this out. Start by listing the information in a way that let's you use math on it. We'll do that by using variables for each of the 3 sides




we know the total length is 25in so:

x + y + z = 25in

We also know some more stuff like:

y = x + 1in

z = 2x

Ok that's good now we can just replace y and z with those last bits of info and get

x + [x+1in] + 2x = 25in

x + x + 2x = 24in

4x = 24in

x = 6in

Now we now the short side just plug that info into the other equations

y = x + 1in  = 6in + 1in

y = 7 in

z = 2x = 2 * 6in

z= 12in

so the short side is 6in, the middle is 7in, the longest is 12in