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Establish the identity: tang fada+cot fada divided by sec fada csc fada =1

I am having issues with those one. I do not know how to solve.

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Robert J. | Certified High School AP Calculus and Physics TeacherCertified High School AP Calculus and Ph...
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Let x = fada
(tanx + cotx)/(secx cscx)
= tanx/(secx cscx) + cotx/(secx cscx)
= sin^2x + cos^2x, since tanx/(secx cscx) = sin^2x, cotx/(secx cscx) = cos^2x
= 1
William S. | Experienced scientist, mathematician and instructor - WilliamExperienced scientist, mathematician and...
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I am assuming that "fada" is the strange name of some variable we would normally call "x" or theta or something.  But the math itself should be the same.
[tan(fada) + cot (fada)]/[sec(fada)*csc(fada)] 
First, let's consider the numerator all by itself
tan(fada) + cot(fada) = [sin(fada)/cos(fada)] + [cos(fada)/sin(fada)] = 1/[sin(fada)*cos(fada)]
Now consider the denominator all by itself:
csc(fada) = 1/[sin(fada)] and sec(fada) = 1/[cos(fada)]
so that sec(fada)*csc(fada) = 1/[sin(fada)*cos(fada)]
Thus, the numerator and denominator equal one another and when we divide one into the other, the answer is always 1 (which is what we were trying to show).