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Which of the following is NOT a unit factor related to a 5.00% aqueous solution of lithium chloride?

1. 5.00 g LiCl/ 95.0 g water

2. 100 g solution/ 5.00 g LiCl

3. 5.00 g LiCl/ 95.0 g solution

4. 95.0 g water/ 5.00 g LiCl

5. 95.0 g water/ 100 g solution

I have no idea, please tell me your reasoning!  Thanks so much!


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1 Answer

It appears to me all you need to focus on is that if the solution is 100 g this will be 5% LiCl, or 5.00 g LiCl, and 95% water, or 95.0 g water.

In summary, in a 100 g 5% aqueous solution of LiCl:

(i) solution, 100 g.

(ii) LiCl, 5.00 g.

(iii) water, 95.0 g.

Taking any one of these divided by another will yield a unit factor.

All but (3) are contructed correctly.  The "95.0 g solution" is the problem.

Hope this helps.