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When is the LCM of two numbers the same as one of the numbers. Give an example

i don't know how to think about this question
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2 Answers

If  lower number is divisible by higher number then:
    LCM = higher number
    GCF = lower number.
      Several example can be given:
        66, 132       LCM = 132      GCf = 66
          132 / 132= 1
          132/ 66 = 2


Shouldn't this be if the higer # is divisible by the lower #, then the LCM is the higher #?
The least common multiple or LCM is the "smallest number" that both numbers will go into.  A good working definition after you've listed the multiples (if you have listed them in numerical order), is to stop once you have found a number that is the same in each row.
ie.  2, 8.  LCM = 8
The multiples of each:
2:  2, 4, 6, 8....
8: 8