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find the equation of the line passing through (-3,5) with an undefined slope

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3 Answers

Hi Melissa;
I would just like to add one piece of information to what Michael and Nataliya said.
Slope is defined as the change of y divided by the change of x...
(change of y)/(change of x)
A denominator, also known as divisor, can never be zero in any equation.  If it is, the equation is characterized as undefined.  You requested an equation with an undefined slope, a slope whose value of x does not change.  Henceforth, the answer you received was...
Only one figure can be inputted into the denominator.  That figure is -3.  Henceforth, the equation of (x-x1) is non-workable, and undefined.
There is no change of x-value.  Change of x-value is zero.