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The sum of three numbers is . The third number is times the second. The first number is less than the second . What are the numbers?

what is the answer?


I think you might be missing some words in this question.

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 You need to assign numbers that you have left out,
   Let's say  SUM of the numbers are 50
    The 3rd number is 2 times the 2nd.
     3rd number 40 less than the 2nd.
   Let's assign ( X , Y , z ) to 3 numbers in order. Now we convert English statements, to their algebraic
          X + Y + Z = 50
             Z = 2Y
           Z = Y -40
      Now we have 3 equations and 3 unknowns to solve.
      We observe that 2nd and 3rd equations both are equal to Z
         2Y = Y - 40
          Y = -40
          Z = -80 / substitution in 2nd equation
             X - 40 - 80 = 50
            X = 50 + 120 = 170.
   See, this is not the way to learn, where you don't even give enough information to have an answer. 
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I am sorry Raena but, part of the information in the problem did not come through.  I can tell you, that the first thing you should do with this type of problem is to assign variables to the three numbers.  Since the first and third number are dependent upon the second, let the second number be x.