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hello i need help with my homework for geometry it's about triangles and properties

If line JL, line DF, and line HI are parallel m<LAB=37.1  and m<ACB=58.6 what is the value for y?


Hi Dahlia, please clarify the question you are asking.
for my geometry homework thats about triangle and angle properties there's a diagram that ask the following question that i had sent to you but i dont know how to solve the problem may you please help me 
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1 Answer

Angles ACB and DGC are on opposite sides of transversal line AC and two parallel lines DF and HI. Thus, angle ACB and DGC are alternate interior angles, therefore measure of angel ACB = measure of angel DGC 
m < ACB = m < DGC = 58.6o

< CGD and < AGD are supplementary angles -----> m < CGD + m < AGD = 180o

y = m < AGD = 180o - 58.6o = 121.4o