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Henrik H.

asked • 04/07/16

Chemistry Moles. Given the balanced equation below, 2YCl3 + 3Na2SO4 = 6NaCl + Y2(SO4)3, you have 5.57 grams

of YCl3.  Determine the number of grams of Na2So4 that are needed to react with it.  I got the formula weight of YCl3 as 195.5 grams, but now I'm stuck.  

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Kayla Y. answered • 04/07/16

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Henrik H.

Thank you.  The professor then said that 2 mol of YCl3 = 3 mol Na2SO4 and I'm not getting how they are equal.  I have the answer and the equation.  5.57g/1 x 1 mol YCl3/195.5g YCl3 x 3mol Na2SO4/2mol YCl3 x 142g Na2SO4/1 mol Na2SO4.  answer is 6.07 g.  Ok I think I see it now.  I get the 142g, I wasn't understanding multiplying by 3/2.  


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