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Plz Help me choose my career ..

I jus passed Intermediate (Maths,Economics, Commerce) with 85% marks and now planning 2 take Bsc (Maths, Stats , Computers) , IS it gud I am interested in computers and thinking to do M.Ca after this. Can I do MBA after doing if i can do which one should i do in MBA .. PLz Suggest me guys wat is best 4 me as i am interested in computers..My career depends on this..


My suggestion is that you take a course in spelling and grammar.
Mark M's comment may sound harsh, but he is right on target!
There are many, many failures in high-tech disciplines (people and companies).  Note:  the government contractor company that I once worked for wanted only the very best; a person with 85% marks would not be hired.
"Gud (Sic.)," "interested," "thinking" and "best 4 me" is not at all what any excellent company wants in a potential employee.

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If you are mainly interested in computers, why not get a B.A. and M.A in Computer Science?
If you are specifically interested in business, an MBA is useful.  You can probably get an MBA with a specialization in computer applications.
You probably need higher level math for either or these.