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Can I get direct lateral entry for graduation in computer science In Canada Hello, I am vaishali from India, my education life i after, 3yrs diploma in textile

I am vaishali from India, my education life is an disaster I am totally pissed off from my life, I desire to earn respect in my parents sight by getting job in an good company but nothing happened according to me, because after my tenth grade with 64%. I joined for my higher secondary education with an combination of pcmb where I failed in maths so my parents decided to arrange an marriage to Me but somehow I managed but missed my supplement exam so unwanted I joined for 3yrs diploma in textile engineering (seriously it’s textile which i never wanted to do) and I got 57% overall and later I joined to HNC aviation course but due to my height I rejected so did so many additional computer courses to get job mcsa, mcse, ccna, Oracle dbms, sql plsql java, Web designing everything but there also I got betrayed the institute didn’t provided me certificates stating the demand draft provided has got expired we will renew it and send it your address but no certificates delivered, during my software courses studying I started pursuing my bachelor in computer science In correspondence(72%) but now when my father is ready to help me going to Canada for M.S studies but Consultancy people are telling I can’t do ms because distance education is not valued in Canada I have to go to advance diploma OK fine I understand but my question is, can I do graduation in computer science,I know your answer you will say Yes but can Canada considers my 3yrs diploma in textile and give lateral entry for second year graduation in computer science 


Not certain on that, as I do not know Canada's educational procedures.  But I can tell that you are very intelligent, and very tenacious.  So, keep the faith, sweetie!  If you put God first in your life and keep Him there, everything else you do will succeed.  Remember--with man things are impossible, but with God, all things are possible.  :-)  Faith can move mountains of obstacles.  
Thnx Suzanne, you are right, I will just concentrate to fix my education Base, my hardwork definitely land me to my destination I have struggled in millions of sperm and formed egg and surviving today this is an example I have nothing struggled, have lots more to go through, with God's hope let's move on

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