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find the area of octagon if a rectagular octagon has a base =30 cm ,complete height of rectangle =21 ,length of rectangle =42

if the base length of octagon is 30 cm then find the area of the shaded part
Shaded part is octagon which is within the rectangle
please help me how i draw its pic there is no option of graphics


I am having some trouble following your question, as you said graphics would make this much easier.

1) You have a Regular Octagon with base side 30cm, all sides are equal?
2) There is a rectangle in the middle of the Octagon, no sides touching the Octagon?
3) That rectangle has length 42cm and height 21cm?
4) Area shaded is actually area NOT within the rectangle, otherwise this would simply be solve for the area of the rectangle.
Are those correct?

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