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how many cans of stain should be purchased

a can of deck stain will cover 250 ft2. how many cans of stain should be purchased in order to stain a rectangular deck that measres 60 ft by 8ft.

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The question already tells you how much area a can of stain will cover, so you need to figure out the area of the deck.  So, it seems safe to assume that the deck is a rectangle.  The formula for the area of a rectangle is:
A = w*l
where A is area, w is width, and l is length.
Once you know the area of the deck, you can compare it to the area that a can of stain will cover.  If the area of the deck is less than 250ft2, then one can will suffice.  If it is more, you can divide the area of the deck by the amount of area covered by one can and it will tell you how many cans worth of stain you need.  Since this is a real world problem, you'll have to round up since you can't buy a half can from the store.
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Hi Chris;
Can of deck stain cover...250 ft2
Deck size...60 ft x 8 ft=480 ft2
(250 ft2)x=480 ft2
x=quantity of cans.
Let's cancel units...
ft2 is on both sides of the equation.
These cancel.
Let's divide both sides by 250 as we isolate x...
Obviously, there is no such thing as purchasing 0.92 cans.  Therefore, the results can only be presented in integers.  We need over one can, but not more than 2.