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tolds 5 fluid ounces.

tom has 21/2 of pints of juice and has juice glasses that hold 5 fluid ounces . how many glasses can he fill with juice?

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Hi again Jackeline;
The quantity of juice is presented in pints.
The capacity of the glasses is presented in ounces.
We need our units aligned.
Juice...2 1/2 pints
Glasses...5 ounces
2 1/2 pints(16 ounces/1 pint)
Let's cancel units...
2 1/2 pints(16 ounces/1 pint)
2 1/2(16 ounces)
40 ounces
Juice...40 ounces
Glasses...5 ounces
5 ounces(x)=40 ounces
x=quantity of glasses
5 ounces(x)=40 ounces
Let's divide both sides by 5...