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Billy C.

asked • 11/17/13

How would I work the following congruent triangle problem? AB=26, YZ=30, XY=4x+2. Find the value of x.

How would I work the following problem? AB=26, YZ=30, XY=4x+2. Find the value of x.

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Vivian L.

Hi Arthur;
I always like reading your answers.  I understand what you are saying here.  However, the information of YZ=30 is provided.  In my opinion, that is probably because it is expected to be used for the solution.  The congruent triangles may be reflections of one another, not translations or rotations.  Additionally, there is no rule that sides must be alphabetized congruently.


Nataliya D.

The congruent triangles may be result of the reflections, translations or rotations. And length of YZ is just additional information, we can assume from the problem.


Arthur D.

Hi Vivian;
                Good points ! We, as tutors, are at a disadvantage because we don't have a diagram to look at. We sometimes have to assume certain things, which is what I did. I just assumed(again) that the information YZ=30 was put in as extra info to see if the student could determine what was relevant to the solution and what was not. Maybe the student will give us more information.


Vivian L. answered • 11/17/13

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