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How to use Distributive Property to solve these problem?8x(10+5)=

How to use Distributive Property to solve these problem? NEED HELP

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Actually for this problem you wouldn't even need the distributive property to solve. All you do is add up the 10+5 inside the parenthese and then multiply the result (15) but 8x which will give you an answer of 120x.

But let's say we have this type of question:


Here we'll need to distribute because the 8x and 5 can't be added. So what happens is the 10 outside of the parenthese needs to be multiplied in. The way that's done is you multiply every term inside the parenthese by the 10. 

10*8x+10*5 = 80x+50. 

Two more examples:

7(7y-6) = 7*7y-6*7 = 49y-42

12(3y+8x-6) = 12*3y+12*8x-6*12 = 36y+96x-72

I hope this helped! 


A much better explanation than mine. Sadly, math is not my forte. Language and literature is.

Have a good one!

Thank you. My case is the opposite, language and literature are difficult. =]

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Greetings Dina!

You asked for assitance with the example you gave "8x(10+5)= n"

I added  the N because it makes it more simpler direction. So let us continue.

8x(10+5)= n

The 8x is a number in of itself. The 10 is multiplied by it. Also, the 5 is multiplied by it.

Let us see it broken down:

10(8x) + 5(8x) = n

Each number in the parentheses is mulitplied by 8x

80x + 40x = n

Add like terms

120x = n

This is your answer.

I had to interpolate your question with N in order to show you step by step.


It is similar to to the FOIL method - although you don't use (a+b) (c+d) = y because your only using 8x.


If you want to know more about about the Distributive Property, see this link:


Although I don't recommend wikipedia for much, it explains FOIL pretty well:


Does this help?