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A privately owned lake contains two types of game fish, bass and trout. The owner provides two types of food, A and B, for these fish. Bass require 2 units of food A and 4 units of food B, and trout require 5 units of food A and 2 units of food B. If the owner has 800 units of each food, find the maximum number of fish that the lake can support.
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1 Answer

Food Type A-800 Units Total
Bass: 2
Trout: 5
Total: 7 Units per Fish
800/7=114 Fish can be fed
Food Type B-800 Units Total
Bass: 4
Trout: 2
Total: 6 Units Per Fish
800/6=133 Fish can be fed
Answer: The lake can hold up to 114 fish (because the owner feeds both food types A and B)