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Were the allies right to divide Germany for the restoration of Europe?

Please give four different reasons why or why not. If possible could you give a source other than Wikipedia? Thank you.

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  1. Yes - it acted as a "safe" answer to the question of 'so who gets to monitor Germany now-the US or the USSR?' It needs to be stressed that the USSR and the US were not allies in political and cultural sense. Winston Churchill proposed "Operation Unthinkable" which was intended to invade the Soviet-Union opting for an almighty UK-US control over Germany and the Western allies. In a way by dividing Germany by the 4 powers, it avoided possible greater conflict between the US and the USSR.
  2. Yes - From a historic point of view only- if the allies did not divide Germany- it "may" have risked the past from repeating itself. Not too much to explain here. An undivided Germany meant at the time a unified Germany. This is exactly what the allied powers did not want, because they were afraid of history repeating itself. 
  3. No - Dividing Berlin caused a political crisis between the US and the USSR. This was worse for the German population, because now like the same case of the Korean Peninsula, you have 2 Giants with nuclear stockpiles using the native area and people as the battleground for yet another war.
  4. No - It created a horrific gap- economically, socially, culturally, all factors that delineate a historically distinguished cultural society. It was not until decades later that West-Germany was able to recover its status as a first-world nation. And then there was East-Germany. Inequality to the extreme- that's what happened.