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A cube has a surface area of 150in. what is the length of a side?

A cube has a surface area of 150inWhat is the length of a side?

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David T. | Mr. David T., Reading, Writing, Speaking, English, et alMr. David T., Reading, Writing, Speaking...
Every cube has 6 outside surfaces.  Divide 150 square inches by six to determine the surface area of each surface.  The result is 25 square inches.
This is a cube.  Each edge is exactly the same length and each surface is a square.  Each square surface has exactly the same surface area.  To determine the length of each side, take the square root of 25 square inches.  The answer is 5 inches.

To check the answer, multiply 6 surfaces x 5 in. x 5 in = 150 square inches or 150 in. 2.

Ze R. | Chinese native speaker chemistry major working as a math TAChinese native speaker chemistry major w...
the surface area of the cube is 6a^2, since there are 6 squares in total to form a cube.
so, 6a^2=150, a^2=25, a=5, so the length of a side is 5 in.