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Evaluate (x - 4y)3 for x = -5 and y = 6. the number 3 is an expotent.

help me can't figure this out.....

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Begin by inserting the values for x and y then solve.
Are you familiar with the rules of the order in which to solve?
Just remember- Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
p- parenthesis
M- multiplication
D- division
A- addition
so start with the parenthesis
(-5-4 x 6)
within are multiplication and a subtraction.... which comes first?
(-5 - 4 x 6) the *-multiplication
(-5 - 24)
now the subtraction
if you are 5 negative of 0 and you take away another 24 what value results?
don't forget the exponent- it would be wise to write it in all of steps
(-29)^3 = -29 x -29 x -29
the odd number exponent means a negative base will result in a negative answer
raise -29 to the third power (-29 cubed)
 and you have your answer
-24389= (-5 - 4 x 6)^3
check this by removing on of the variable ( x or y) and solve for that variable. If your answer natches the value given in the problem you got it right