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Hi I need help as far as implementing learning from examples algorithm in python ...

my function is y=(2*(x1^2))+(x2^2),
-12 < x1, x2 <12.
I understand the concept its just going about coding it in python 

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You seem to be asking this question all over the place. From your comment, the system you are considering building as well as the design choices for it are non-trivial. This falls under the field of machine learning and there are several methods used to decide the answers to these data partitioning questions.
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are my areas of research; I would be happy to discuss these methods with you more in depth. 
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Please, specify your question.


I need an idea on how to go about first dividing the input and output spaces of the numerical data i would get from the function with my inputs x1 and x2 and their range from -12 to 12 into fuzzy sets which i think would be five for each input then taking the values and creating and output using the y function i gave to get different values and the fuzzy set of y so i can generate fuzzy rules from this data..i'm not sure if if i am it explaining it correctly its generating fuzzy rules by Learning from examples and i have to implement a code in python that executes this .