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An aircraft cost $2852 per hour to operate. What is the total cost for 5.7 hours

An aircraft cost 2852 per hour to operate, what is the total cost for 5.7 hours

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Hi Sandra;
I like Nancy's answer, but want to add to it.
($2852 hours)
This can also be written as...
(2852 dollars/hour)
However, I think your instructor wants to see the former.  I just want to illustrate as much as possible...
($2852/hour)(5.7 hours)=x
Let's cancel units where appropriate...
The hours are in both the denominator and numerator of the left side...
($2852/hour)(5.7 hours)=x
Cancelling units must come before calculations.  This is because if your units are not aligned, you have the wrong equation.
The only unit remaining is the $.  Your answer is requesting "total cost".  This works.


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Multiply the cost per hour, 2852, by the number of hours, 5.7, to get the total cost: $16,256.40.