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Can Anyone help me to make a story of the below words

Story 1 : Black, Yellow.Blue etc.

Story 2 : Diamond, Gold & Silver


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Hi Sarah;
It is my understanding that you want one story.
My style of writing is to minimize repetitiveness of words such as she, then, etc.
How about this...
She bicyled to the craft store and parked.  Then, clinging to her shopping list, entered.  Lisa was not doing well in school.  This class on beading and sewing was her only chance to pull up her grades.  Now in the jewelry aisle, the selection was overwhelming.  Between the faux diamonds, fools gold and immitation silver, she did not know what to select. 
In her state of confusion, she proceeded to the fabric aisle.  The colors black, yellow and blue caught her eye many times, as well as the prices which began at $5.95/yard.  Then she looked at her list.  There was her budget and its components:
Searching under rug for change...$2.86
Cleaning out bottom of pocketbook...$0.89
Cans found on side of road...$3.85
Tooth fairy...$1.50
Suddenly, she noticed the remnant section, with its big sign,
75% prices already marked down 50%
Sale ends today
Lisa began to dig through.  A color and design caught her eye.  Becoming very aggressive, she did not realize the display was on four wheels.  After traveling a few feet, she heard a thud.  She finally allowed herself to look at the distraction.  A person was lying on the floor, moving, conscious, and  outraged.  The face looked familiar, but the casual clothes did not.  She had to emerge from her world of colors to recognize him.
It was the school principal.