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is it possible to evaluate ƒ(x) = 5/x-1 when x=1 ? If so, what is ƒ(1)? If not explain why not.

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2 Answers

Hi again Ryan;
This means evaluate x as x.
This means evaluate x as 1.
ƒ(x) = 5/x-1
ƒ(1) = 5/x-1
ƒ(1) = (5/1)-1
ƒ(1) = 5-1
Note that Vivian is correct if the problem was f(x) = (5/x) - 1 or 5/x - 1 due to order of operations.
Just in case you meant f(x) = 5/(x-1):
No, you can't evaluate it for x=1.
x=1 would be a vertical asymptote.
f(1) = 5/(1-1) = 5/0, which would be undefined.
The graph of 5/(x-1) is 1/x, shifted one unit right, and stretched by a factor of 5.