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How long did James travel before Julio caught up with him?

James left the hardware store and traveled toward the capital at an average speed of 28 km/h.  Some time later Julio left traveling in the same direction but at an average speed of 35 km/h.  After traveling for four hours Julio caught up with James.
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4 Answers

distance=rate x time
distances are the same
let t=James's time
t=140/28=5 hours
The distance James traveled = the catch up distance by Julio = (35-28)*4 = 28 km
So, James traveled 28/28 + 4  = 5 hours before Julio caught up with him.
Julio: (35 km/hr)*(4 hr)  = 140 km
James (28 km/hr)*t = 140 km
t = (140 km)/(28 km/hr) = 5 hours
Hi Samantha;
James=28 km/h; (4+x) hours
Julio=35 km/h; 4 hours
Our first priority is to check for consistency of units.  For example, is any information provided in minutes or miles.  Everything is consistent, in kilometers and hours, so we may proceed.
We know that both men traveled the same distance when Julio caught up with James.
(28 km/hour)[(4+x)hours]=(35 km/hour)(4 hours)
Let's cancel units where appropriate...
(28 km/hour)[(4+x)hours]=(35 km/hour)(4 hours)
Let's proceed to cancel units where appropriate...
(28 km)(4+x)=(35 km)(4)
Cancelling units is always your first priority, before calculations.  This is because if the units are not aligned, you are working with the wrong equation.
Let's subtract 112 from both sides as we proceed to isolate x...
James traveled 1 hour + 4 hours=5 hours