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Julio: Chicas, estas fotos son muy buenas. _______________ muchas que son mejores que mis fotos. Susana, tus fotos especialmente son las mejores

help me please with this quiz 

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Jillian A. | ESL Teacher with a passion for tutoringESL Teacher with a passion for tutoring
You have a couple of possibilities that I can see here, without knowing much about your quiz.  I would guess that your teacher either wants you to use the verb "tener" or "haber" in the second person plural/3rd person plural (girls/you all-->ustedes), assuming your instructor is not having you use the vosotras form for you all (used primarily in Spain and not as common in the Western Hemisphere).  The reason why I would use these two verbs is because it looks like the speaker is either saying "You have many (photos) that are better than my photos." or "There are many (photos) that are better than my photos."  I'm guessing you need the 3rd person plural of tener (to have) since she addresses Susan, who is part of the group, next.