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case study of the wireless cafe, the questions and the case study are on the description.

Management at the Wireless Cafe has a good relationship with their suppliers, though occasionally
running out of tea or chopsticks or rice noodles means lost sales and reduced profits. Jimmy remembers
reading about SCM, ERP, CRM, and KM systems in his information technology class in college, but
he’s not really sure if the Wireless Café is big enough to be concerned using such enterprise-wide
system solutions. You are tasked with identifying opportunities to better manage inventory – from
noodles to napkins. First, though, you need to better understand a café’s supply chain.
Second, you’ve noticed that Jade and Jimmy spend quite a bit of time interviewing potential employees,
and some quick web research reveals that average restaurant turnover for the past few years has been
running over 100%. This news is alarming to you, as you think of all of the new information systems
and technologies that could help the Wireless Café run more efficiently.
1- How will the staff ever develop system expertise if they stay less than a year? 
2- Draw and show who is in the Wireless Café’s upstream supply chain? 
3- What are some potential problems in the supply chain? Remember, an oversupply of lemongrass
is just as problematic as an undersupply. What kinds of information can be used by the Wireless
Café management to prevent these problems? 
4- Jade has heard about CRM and e-CRM but wants to know your thoughts about how these
technologies might be applied to the Wireless Café. For an initial discussion with Jade, prepare
some notes about the applicability of customer-facing, customer-touching, and customer-centric
intelligence applications and online network applications to the Wireless Café’s operations. 
5- Consider both tacit and explicit knowledge accumulated by employees in the different positions.
How important is this knowledge to the well-being and long-term success of the Wireless Café.
Provide 3 Examples of tacit knowledge? And 3 Examples of explicit knowledge 


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