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Can I get a tutor for math,social studies,science,and english language arts?

I really need help because I'm making C's,D's,and almost an F. Please help me!!! I'm trying to make my mom proud with good grades. Help me I'm desperate!

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John N. | Experienced Tutoring ALL Grade Levels!!!Experienced Tutoring ALL Grade Levels!!!
Please visit WyzAnt and find either a local tutor or one online who meets your needs! I am available for online for those who live out of my area. ;)


THX, John.  Sounds like Elijah has hope! -- When teaching computer science, I would MUCH rather have a student who wants to learn rather than a " know-it-all" student (after all, computer knowledge is useful for such a short period of time).
David W. | Experienced ProfExperienced Prof
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You have expressed what we call a "felt need."  Until a student has that feeling, there is not much that any teacher, tutor, or parent can do to force them to learn.  But, once a student has that motivation, look out!
WyzAnt offers both in-home and on-line tutoring.  They give tests on each subject to be sure that tutors are qualified for that subject.  You have a long list, but probably not at an extremely high level, so you should be able to find a tutor who can help with the subjects and help you develop study skills that would apply to all subjects.  Select a tutor and send them a message.
I'm glad you want to make your mom proud.  (Did you know that many men in prison, when given the opportunity to send a card or letter, send it to their mom?)