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two examples of the the colonies gained strength against the british by working in groups

This is for my social studies homework and i need two examples of this!

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There are many examples of group action by the colonists that gave them leverage against the British.  One main example is the colonial boycott of British goods during the Stamp Act crisis. This boycott hurt British merchants who were important politically, as well as economically, in Britain. The British merchants were much more successful than the colonists in petitioning that the Stamp Act be repealed. Another example of group action by the colonies against the British was Congress itself. Congress gave the collective colonies a single voice, which promoted a unity of message and purpose that would lead to the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
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Hi Jayma;
May I first please correct your grammar?
"two examples of the the colonies gained strength against the british by working in groups"
should be...
Provide two examples of the colonies gaining strength against the British by working in groups
My background in American history is very weak.  I majored in anthropology.  I can only tell you what I would do.  I would research which Native American groups were allied with the colonists.  Such "group" activity would have been an advantage.
I can see that you live on Ohio.  I am in Connecticut.  I would begin with the Pequot Museum website.
I hope this helps.