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If an author writes under a pseudonym, they're using their real name.

True or false?

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Gigi D. | MA Literature, MS Psychology for Reading, Writing, and Test PrepMA Literature, MS Psychology for Reading...
From the Greek: Pseudo means false. Therefore the answer is: False. The author is using a name that is not his or her legal, given name.
Lana Z. | Effective and Knowledgeable Elementary School TeacherEffective and Knowledgeable Elementary S...
They are using a fake name. For instance, JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter under her real name but when she went to write The Cuckoo's Calling she used the name Robert Galbraith which was a pseudonym.
Adrienne P. | Patient, Fun, and Knowledgeable in Theatre, English, and ArtPatient, Fun, and Knowledgeable in Theat...
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False. This is also referenced as a "pen name".
Hannah V. | Hannah-Leigh. SAT/GRE, Math and Chemistry with Stanford GraduateHannah-Leigh. SAT/GRE, Math and Chemistr...
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False. A pseudonym is a fake name. Pseudo means "fake." Nym is a root for "name."