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how does student language affect his/her learning in education

how does student's language affect his/her learning in education

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Language is an important part of an educational path. Everything we ever learn and teach is based and expressed through language. Whether that language is Italian, Spanish, English, French, the principal idea is to express information and skills through the use of language. Therefore, as you increase your ability and use of language, you increase your ability to learn AND teach within a community. I challenge each person, student and tutor alike, to increase your language skills to help you become a more valuable part of a community. Linguistic skills are highly prized, both monetarily and communally.  


are there some critical point about how does this language affect student learning, i need some point please and what is that student's language mean
I think the most important point of language in the educational path is the use of it to communicate thoughts, ideas, information and data. It is the basis of all communication. In order for a sender of a message to be able to send that message, have that message received and then have it interrupted and understood properly, a common language must be used.
For me, a person with high language skills allows for a greater range of communication abilities. For instance, let's use myself as an example. I am a medical student here in the US. My English skills are very well adapted to life at the post graduate level. However, I have taken 2 years of college level Spanish. When I discuss a subject in English, I am able to pose thoughts, ask questions, provide detailed information is various ways and methods. Now when I switch to Spanish, my rudimentary skills make it difficult to provide that same level of discussion abilities. I have to stop, think about the word, the sentence structure, is this how you say this word, etc.
Language is vital to an education and it is vital for everyone participating in a particular education setting to have the same level of language skills and abilities in order for the communication of ideas and information to be passed effectively.
sorry brother matthew! that means a question need  the advantage of learning English language as the second language?  i need to understand first the question please!
In simple terms Denis, if you and I can not speak the same language and communicate on the same level, than we can not talk to each other. If a person can not speak the same language as those in the classroom, than ideas and information can not be passed along. Language is the common item in the education process. Without a common language, we can not communicate ideas, information and skills.
The advantage of learning English as a second language is many fold.
First, English is becoming a wide spread, International spoken language. It is spoken, and taught, in many schools through out the world, with many countries that speaking some form of the English language (England, Britan, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Canada, US, etc). English is a great language to learn at any level.
Second, with highly prized Universities like Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, etc, opportunities to study and learn from the greatest sources of knowledge abound, not only in England and the US, but also throughout the world.
Third, expanding your horizons and learning about a different culture is one of the prime aspects of a higher, general education. Having the ability to be exposed to life and people outside of your native tongue expands your cultural horizons and allows you to see the world from another vantage point. 
With English being one of many common languages being taught and spoken, a person who is able to speak the language opens up opportunities to study at many International Universities, is able to travel the world and be able to interact and communicate with people and cultures at a very diverse level and, finally, learning a second language expands the cognitive (thinking) abilities of any person.
thank you very much brother.. but is that question resemble with this ''the role of first language in learning the second language "
The argument can be made for both a first language OR a second language.