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What are some past events that have contributed to religious persecution in the middle east?

question about past events that have contributed to religious persecution in the middle east

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That's an extremely complicated and subjective question - but here are a few things you can look up and examine further:

*Christians in Lebanon

*Kurds in Turkey

*Sunni vs. Shia (some specific events include Bloody Thursday, the still on-going Bahraini uprisings, etc.)

*the ongoing battle between Palestine and Israel, depending on what side you're on, the new boundaries drawn in 1949 for Israel can be agrued either way as a persecution

*If you want to go out on a limb and surprise someone, you can even focus on the role of women in Islamic culture as religious persecution


---Essentially, there are a lot of options that you need to explore and down. I can help you more if you can get more specific.

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George Weigel, 2011 indicates the following: 1. Dhimmitude - a second-class citizenship that exists in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. This constitutes 90% of Christian Arabs. They are at the greatest risk jihadism and Islamism. 2. Being in this state for generations, they have forgotten what freedom is like and now survive by silently accepting their atrocious condition, kowtowing to authority/"benefactors",and blaming Israel. 3. Emigration and contraception has lessened their numbers, and theirfore their influence. 4. Lack of leadership, lay and clerical, equals no alternative to dominant idealogies. 5. Western indifference and tolerance of atrocities.

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