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You draw two cards from a standard deck without replacement. Determine the probability that:

a. Both are Diamonds.
b. Neither is a Diamond.
c. Both are of the same unit.
d. Both are of the same suit given that the first card drawn is a Club.
e. They are not of the same suit.
f. They are not of the same suit, given that the first card drawn is a Club.

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ok here is what you need to know
-probability is best found as a fraction  what you want/total outcomes
-if you have two events that occur together, multiply the probability of each
- deck of cards -- 52 cards total
                      -- 13 hears, 13 diamonds, 13 spades and there are 13 clubs these are your suits.
                      -- each suit has #'s from 2-10, a jack, a queen, a king and an ace
a) both are diamonds
                                  there are 13 diamonds & 52 cards total so that would be 13/52
                                  now the card that you drew is in your hand, so there are 51 cards on the table to pick, and there are only 12 diamonds left bc we have to pretend that the one you picked up is a diamond
that gives us 12/51
so do 13/52 x 12/51 = 3/51