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Chad sold 523 CD's last month. He sold 163 more CD's this month than last month > How many CD's did Chad sell in all?

It's a word problem

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Maybe this will help.
Last month = 523
This month = 523 + 163  (last month and 163 more)
therefore the answer would come from: 523 + (523 + 163) =
Simplified as 523 + (686) or 523 + 686
Total = 1209
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He sold 532+163 this month, that is 695. Last month he sold 532. Together in two months he sold 532+695=1227 CD's.
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 Just take what he sold last month
 add how many more he sold this month
 then add those 2 numbers together.
   This is just a simple problem that you should do it, don't need someone else do it and you copy it.


I think you missed the step of how many were sold in all. I know the answer but was hoping for an intelligent way to explain it to my child rather then a smartass remark. You failed in the intelligent part. If this is the way you would help a child you should be ashamed of your self. I'm not a teacher and learned different steps 40 years and was looking for a way to help break it down the way they might do it in class.