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HI can someone please help me on a vocabulary paragraph for English?

The topic I have to write about is nightmare and I have to use 10 vocabulary words in it. Please help me the vocabulary words are; Brisk, precarious, varnish, urgency, diminish, bustling, anguish, monotone, align, and bassinet. Please help me put these words in a sentence I don't know how to but please help me.   
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2 Answers

It may help for you think of a synonym that is an easier word choice for each vocabulary word and write an imaginative paragraph about a nightmare using the synonyms.  Then, go back and  put your vocabulary words in the right places. This will also help cement the definitions in your mind.
Hi Ariana, We can do this. How many sentences do we get to use? Kelly


use one vocabulary word in one sentence. but can not be repeated we have to have all ten so its going to be 10 sentences