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The perimeter of a basketball court is 90 meters,and the length is 6 meters longer than twice the width what are the length and width.

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1 Answer

A basketball court is in a rectangular shape and the perimeter for a rectangle is the addition of each one of its sides or P= 2W + 2L (L= length & W= width). 
L = 2w+6
With the information provided your have to formulate the equation:
Then solve for W:
First distribute the 2
90=2W + 4W + 12
Combine common factors
90 = 6W + 12
Subtract 12 from both sides
78 = 6W
Divide 6 on both sides
Now that you have your width, you can plug it into the equation to find the length (L=2W+6)
2(13) +6 =L
26 + 6 = L
32 = L
You can always double check by making sure that the totals equal 90 for the perimeter
2(32) + 2(13) =90