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What is the correct way to put Andrés/ser/colombiano/y/conocer/Marta.

Im taking Spanish online and need help with it because I am very busy this is an extra class on top of my 7 that I need to graduate I'm in Ap classes ms just don't have time at all and I don't wanna quit my job
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4 Answers

Andrés es colombiano y conoce a Marta. (It's important to use the Spanish a, or personal a, referring to Marta, as a person)


Elaine V. from Puerto Rico has given the correct answer.
Use "ser" for identity, and "conocer" in the sense of "be acquainted with". The personal "a" goes before the reference to a person as the direct object.
It's right, when you are talking about any person, for example in this case, you have to use the personal A. It's  different when you are talking about things. Example Yo conozco Santa Martha( it's a place in Colombia on north coast)
If you want to say, ""Andres is colombian and he knows Marta," it would be "Andrés es colombiano y conoce Marta."