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please help. how do i answer this 77x^3=22y^2-33x-88

please help. this question i got is this
77x^3=22y^2-33x-88 11(7x^3+2y^2-3x-8)x(7x^3+2y)(-3x-8)(7x^2+2y)(-3-8)(7x^2=2y)(-11)
thank you

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Imran, I am not sure what you mean. You listed an equation, but what do you want to know about it, or do with it?
You could rearrange it in many ways, maybe like this:
77 x^3+33 x-22 y^2+88 = 0
11( 7x^3  + 3x - 2y^2 + 8 ) = 0
You could solve for Y and get:
y = -sqrt(7 x^3+3 x+8)/sqrt(2)
y = sqrt(7 x^3+3 x+8)/sqrt(2)
hope that helps, but if not, update your post and please explain what you are trying to do.