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I have to create a scrapbook that explores a character in To Kill A Mockingbird and include 5 items that represent a character.

The items need to represent the character and show the characters progression from the beginning of the novel to the end. Each item needs to include a written explanation of why it was selected. Need to include pictures, photos, drawings or other visual elements.

What kind of items could i choose for one of the characters?

The character is Atticus 

Thanks so much for your help, i really appreciate it!

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To answer the issue of Atticus' character progression do the following.
First make a list of his characteristics in the early stages of the story.
Then address how those characteristics were changed, for example is he more tolerant or less? Is he more or less pleasant? Did he become more or less tolerant? More or less patient, and so forth.
Where a character's qualities remain very similar throughout, you need to address any subtle changes for a complete and impressive response. Doing so shows the impact(s) of the events of the story on the character. In this case the events are so dynamic and emotional that you certainly can identify how these events changed Atticus, regardless of the degree of the changes.
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The first thing you need to do is read that book :)  Once you'e done that, write a list of characteristics that best define Atticus. You will have a little bit of trouble with "progression" of his character as many agree he remains pretty much the same person throughout the book.
Some of his qualities that immediately come to mind include his acceptance of others, his simple honesty (especially with his children), and his rigidity (in that he does not change his tolerant views of others the entire book).
Once you outline those traits that make up the core of Atticus, I think you'll have a much easier time assigning objects to each characteristic (for example, his rigid personality might be best compared to a steel metal bar. Perhaps his honesty can be shown with a Lincoln's head penny--you know, Honest Abe).